Game of Thrones, episode 1×08

20 Jun

My crush on Syrio, you guys, my God. I don’t remember how that scene went in the books, but I do remember I didn’t really care about him. The actor SELLS IT like nobody’s business. Syrio may very well be my favorite adult character at this point in time. Everything from his foreigner status, to his pride, to the way that, despite his jokes, he is not only a loyal servant but a decent human being who would protect a child from harm even though it will probably mean losing his life. Not a lot of characters like that on this show.

Also, I’m not a martial arts expert or anything, but even I was impressed with how they handled Syrio’s fighting. Firstly I loved that it was so obvious that the knights had strength on their side, and armor, and Syrio was aware of it and really did employ moves we haven’t seen from any of the knights so far and that wouldn’t be POSSIBLE with that armor and those weapons anyway. Syrio is obviously used to fighting with much lighter weapons and much lighter armor and he uses the speed it gives him and the flexibility to his advantage. And he’s a perfect master for Arya of course, who won’t have access to things like heavy armor or proper swords no matter what. His style is legitimately DIFFERENT, and I really loved that. I have a feeling they had a very good expert advising them on the martial arts scenes with Arya, especially given how much they’ve lingered on her learning technique in previous episodes. I mean, they have experts for everything on this show, but some of those experts clearly suck (example: all things Dothraki) and I’m saying, I think their martial arts people are spot on.

Oh, Varys. I think this is a series that truly glorifies the dirty hands. It sort of showcases how villains and heroes are idiots, but a good manager is hard to find. Ultimately almost every regime, every revolution, every conflict in the books succeeds or fails because there were good/bad administrators behind the scenes making everything work so the people at the top get all the credit. It IS an aspect I greatly enjoy.

Oh Sansa. My heart. Child, you will betray yourself a thousand times over before you realize what’s what. All I can say is, THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CATELYN TULLY IS THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN YOUR LIFE. Not everyone gets Catelyn’s good fortune, I’m afraid.

I also really love that this is such an orchastrated event. Firstly I love that the Oldest Guy turns out to be SO FULL OF IT (you know he’s the only one on that coucil who genuinely believes the story about Ned). There were quite a few instances of subverting the Wise Older Dude trope in the books, and those instances are FEWER in the show, so at least we got a tiny one here. Littlefinger and Varys, on the other hand, lolol. Just doing what needs to be done, heh.

Speaking of, WOW they’ve cleaned up Catelyn in this version. Remember that thing where she meets a girl at the Vale and gets friendly with her because she’s her daughters’ ages, and then finds out the girl is a bastard and is all BEGONE FILTHY THING? Because Catelyn REALLY REALLY hates bastard children, with a whole moral hypocrisy bullshit wagon to boot? Yeah. Apparently this Catelyn is like 3454356 times more awesome than she was in the books, AND I AM NOT COMPLAINING. More awesomeness is always welcome. I’m just, you know. Saying.

So, my geekery of the Night Watch’s similarity to a real military continues. 1. I love how Thorne is the BESTEST TRAINING OFFICER EVER, Y/Y? lolol basically the WORST PERSON YOU COULD BE STUCK OVER THERE WITH. I mean, he’ll teach you what you need to know, but he will the BIGGEST ASS while he does it. BTW, isn’t he like, a bitter former Targerean supporter? Who kind of hates the Starks and all they stand for? In any case, the scene where they hold Jon down, HOT.

2. LOLOL their little aprons! It’s like how we used to do kitchen duty in our work uniforms, or sometimes half uniforms (uniform pants, undershirt, no uniform shirt). I know the creators probably modeled the scene on chefs or whatever, but for me it’s like bits of nostalgia.

White savages! On the one hand I’m glad we get some ~primitive tribes~ who are white, on the other, LOL, this was too ridic for words. I mean, how ~primitive~ can they be if they live SURROUNDED by fuedal lords and make ends meet by stealing from them? They’re sort of lulzy and pathetic, really. Also, I really hated the whole mountain tribes thing in the book, it just dragged on and on and felt unnecessary, so I’m glad they condescend it to like 3 minutes on the show. GET ON WITH TYRION’S PLOT.

I did think this was done really effectively. I love the touches of Robb still being a kid and Catelyn wanting to be his mom and telling him what to do but at the same time he’s a leader now, he must be, and he can’t afford to be seen as a kid who needs his mommy (EVEN THOUGH HE TOTALLY DOES). It comes up over and over. Because she’s his mother, rather than his father, in this world listening to her will be seen as a weakness. And I think Robb is sort of shown as a really awesome guy for how he’s able to deal with all of that, and for how he sort of relies on her to get it, and to help him by now publically helping him and so on. I still think this whole thing would have been OODLES more dramatic and powerful if Robb had been 14, as he was in the book, but this works for me as well.

Speaking of accuracy, where was their military adviser on this? WHERE? Apparently in Westeros they don’t believe in guards for the field HQ where all the generals/high lords reside. Over and over you have these scenes of like, Tywin Lannister in his tent and SUDDENLY TYRION STROLLS IN WITH A BUNCH OF RANDOM STRANGERS like OH HAI DAD WATHCU DOIN? Like, it’s RIDICULOUS. WHERE ARE HIS GUARDS? WHY WEREN’T THESE RANDOM PEOPLE STOPPED AT THE ENTRANCE TO CMAP? WTFFFF does anyone on this show know how military camps WORK?

Same with Robb and the spy scene. OH SORRY SIR JUST BRINGING IN THIS SPY TO SEE YOU DURING YOUR STRATEGY MEETING PAY US NO MIND. FFFFFF seriously. YOU DO NOT STROLL INTO THE COMMANDER’S TENT RANDOMLY! He should have guards and bodyguards and so on! Same with Catelyn just strolling on over during their meeting. HI SON! Apparently Robb didn’t feel like posting guards on the perimeter of his camp, you know?

FINALLY, IN EPISODE 8, we get something that makes sense fashion wise. Like, THIS I totally believe is the dress as King’s Landing. These robes rather than the random European style gowns they were all wearing before (I’m not mistaken, right? This is the first or second time Cersei’s worn a robe like this?). And Sansa’s dressed similarly as well, so, fucking finally, the fashion makes more sense (honestly Sansa should have switched dress codes IMMEDIATELY upon arrival, but whatever).

God, this is the most difficult part. There’s so much that’s going to happen in the next 2 episodes, JFC. I don’t want to talk about any of it to avoid spoilers, but let me just say, if you haven’t read the books, Many Things Are Not What They Seem. Aaaanyway. *waits patiently for next week*


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