Game of Thrones 2×01

3 Apr

Wow, Game of Thrones, wow.

SANSA. SANSA SANSA SANSA. The show has a way of making all the characters I disliked way more interesting than they were in the books and though I never actively disliked Sansa I have to say they are making her awesome WAY WAY EARLIER than she was awesome to me in the books. OH, SANSA. My heart is breaking, and we’re not even up to the hard parts yet. This is NOTHING, sweetheart, and already you’re so wise and brave. At this rate Littlefinger will have nothing to teach you.

CLEAR THE WAY FOR EVERYONE’S FAVORITE MARY SUE. OK, look, it’s not that I don’t like Tyrion – of course I like Tyrion, he was designed as the ONLY CONVENTIONALLY LIKABLE CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW – but the ONLY thing that kept him from being a giant author insert in the books was that for the first 1.5 books at least you weren’t sure whose side he was on. He was a Lannister, a clever Lannister at that, and surely, you thought, he must be in league with their siblings or at least aware of their actions. But in the show he’s like, everyone’s favorite snowflake from day 1. He’s the only one who’s both clever and noble, kind and wise, with bonus tragic backstory and irresistible wit! I love his character, but I wish he were a bit harder to like. It feels like he has an unfair advantage over everyone else and that takes all the fun out of fangirling.

In other news, I’m sort of mystified by the fact that Tyrion is apparently totally oblivious to Jaime/Cersei. I mean RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE, come on. I think that might be the most interesting thing about his character, at this point. That out of all the things, the most obvious and important one is the one he’s been blind to his whole life.

A cap of the actor who plays Joffrey because that kid really IS a prince and I have loved him in everything ever and he is an AMAZING, AMAZING actor.

Sup sup.

UGH THE AMAZING THINGS THIS SHOW DOES WITH CERSEI, I CAN NOT. I mentioned last season how much I love them for making her a real strategist, someone who knows what she’s doing, but lacks the structured instruction and tutelage her father neglected to bestow to make her truly good at this game. (Cersei’s learned all she knows on her own.) And here, again, instead of having Tyrion be instantly more brilliant and outplay her and shame her, this is a dialogue between siblings, between people who, at the end of the day, respect each other and don’t wish each other ill. I LOVE, LOVE this moment of genuine sibling relations (filled with antagonism though they may be) where you can tell these two are a FAMILY and think of themselves as a family and just, gah. And Cersei who may not be a prodigy but is still not a novice at this game. And the two of them talking about their dad, because they’re both still so much his children, still so beholden to him, ruled by him. (I swear I would pay to see the scene where Tywin himself shows up to King’s Landing and spends 5 seconds with Joffery. IDK which one of them would end up in a coffin quicker.)

And this, too. The worldbuilding of this scene, with Bran having to assume his responsibilities and the practicalities of a high lord going to war and leaving his counties and bannermen understaffed. The financial realities that aren’t apparent yet but would be, if Rob continues the war much longer. The North’s pockets aren’t as deep as Tywin’s, and I think this scene sets that up marvelously.

Wow, you guys, Dany is literally walking through the Negev O_o Like, I’m not joking, I was just at Machtesh Ramon the other weekend and this landscape is a COPY PASTE. O___________o

Don’t believe me?

Actually, the Sea of Salt should be in the north of the Negev, not that far if you’ve just recently walked into the desert? Anyway, shit was trippy. I also LOLed at Jorrah’s “I’ve never been this far east!” LOL YOU’RE NOT THAT FAR EAST, DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK. /geography

Weirdly, I buy Dany as a 14 year old more now than I did at any point last season. There’s something small and childish about her, and her hair all in disarray. I love this look. She also looks less exposed (I won’t rant about costumes again but the thought of someone wearing a belly shirt to the Negev is giving me an aneurysm, especially someone of Dany’s fair complexion.)

Oh my god! A speaking part for a Dothraki character who is not a complete caricature! Who Dany actually trusts and relies on! Show, this is what I mean by TONING DOWN THE FAIL. It’s still a “what these people need is a white princess with blond hair to rescue them” but at least we can make it less faily than the damn book.


Smooth transition there, show. From ~fire~ to ~ice~, COULD DANY AND JON HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER IN THE FUTURE >_> GASP.

This year’s award winning rapist pedophile, folks! I was actually pleased with how they handled these scenes because considering the giant, horrifying ick fest of last season I was expecting DISASTER. But they actually handled it pretty well and gave some truly WTF and hillarifying dialogue to this dude, talking about how Jon’s prettier than all his daughters and oh, how warm and wet his twat must be and how the Lord High Commander chose a different path – a path with only boys on it. LOLOL. I think this character was utilized well.

And of course, no cap, but Britain’s most brilliant young actress who I’ve been waiting to see start a proper career, Hannah Murray plays one of the daughters and I am ECSTATIC. I only wish she could be a season regular. (ETA: Oh wait, she plays Gilly! So there IS a future for her on the show! YAY YAY YAY I would seriously tune in just to watch her.)

“You’re to lead one day. So you best learn how to follow.” Beautiful, brilliant line, I just wanna say. The Night’s Watch is so clearly a military organization, and I read the books when I was in the military, and it’s always a little happy making for me when they get little shit right.

Wow, another storyline I didn’t care about in the books that has been polished and shined and elevated by the series. The actress is PERFECT and has so far elevated what was a fairly cliche, what-the-fuck-ever character to me to UNEXPECTED HEIGHTS. I love, love, love her. She’s seriously amazing, from her accent to her body language, to her expressions to her wardrobe. Just, perfection. And Stannis’ sad little court is perfect as well.


THE HAIR, YOU GUYS. THE HAIR IS WHAT GETS ME (this is the point where everyone who’s read the books understands why I burst into tears ;_____;)

Anyway LOVED LOVED LOVED this little scene, moar people coming to chat to Jaime in his cage, plz. Rob is very good. He’s even more fun to tease than Catelyn.

Although I do love that Jaime’s one opening line, to everyone, is “you must be here to take sexual advantage of me”. Like automatically, THAT IS WHAT HE GOES FOR. I love HOW AWARE he is of his status as the realm’s hottest piece of ass. <33333 KEEP IT UP JAIME, we might get a fraction of the gender commentary your character (along with a certain someone) brought to the table in the books.

WOLF! 😀 So biiiiig and fluffy!

Oh Jaime. Not scared of the boy, but scared of the wolf. Scared of the ugly, undignified, painful death they’d put you to by feeding you to him. Oh, oh, Jaime.


THIS IS SUCH A BRILLIANT SCENE. And so Cersei, in the best and worst ways. “Power is power.” Yes, Cersei, yes, it is. But like many of the nobleborn you lack imagination in how to procure the less obvious forms of power, and sadly are not clever enough to learn from the best (aka Littlefinger). Oh, Cersei, my heart.

LOL is the slash writing itself yet? I seriously LOLed though at Theon’s whole speech. MY DAD! HE’LL GIVE YOU AN ARMY! GIVE ME THIS TASK ROBB! WE’LL AVENGE YOUR FATHER TOGETHER! Oh, Theon. I think this of all scenes reminded me most of the fact that, at the opening of S2, nothing truly bad has yet happened to any of these characters. It’s all still coming up ahead.

I know this will only mean something to hockey fans but Robb on the show (though not in the books) is totally an AU of Sidney Crosby. I’M JUST SAYING. His utter lack of a personal life and his main relationship being with his mom? Oh Sidney, oh Robb. I do love Catelyn and Robb in this though, and BY GOD I hated Catelyn in the books, and I like that they address the issue of her NOT HAVING SEEN HER YOUNGEST KIDS IN AGES and make it something Robb talks her into rather than a random thing she basically never comments on. It’s wonderful, and I love them both.

CERSEI MY LOVE. The moment you remember who you’ve raised, and all your mistakes and how they may come to haunt you in the future. And not just you, of course, but the kingdom. I felt like in this scene she almost had her father’s ghost on her shoulder – Tyrion had accused her of failing, and she hadn’t wanted to believe it – here she was, a queen and in absolute power despite her father’s inability to see her potential, to give her credit or faith – and here, in this moment, it starts to sink in that something’s gone terrible wrong. It’s not the gallows, not the heat of the moment, not emotions getting the best of him – this is really Joffrey, really saying this and acting this way. This is truly the heir she’s supplied for this realm.


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