Game of Thrones, episode 1×05

17 May

So, we’re halfway through the season!

Wow, so this episode had no Dany and no Jon and LO, IT WAS GLORIOUS. Sigh. I wish we could have this every week. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THE INTRIGUE. And OK Tyrion is amusing and Catelyn is not completely made of fail in this version, so we’ll let them stay as well.

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Game of Thrones, episode 1×04

17 May

I will tell you what, at the end of this episode I clapped. I actually clapped. I… have absolutely zero ability to see this show as anything but The Books, Illustrated, and I have spent so long wishing to see some of these storylines/characters on screen and never thought it would actually happen and… even though I fundamentally have issues with this adpatation as an adaptation, in that I think they messed up ROYALLY in making up for Martin’s subjective-POV-style narrative I just… I clap. I clap because the actors are so wonderful, and everything’s so pretty and it’s like seeing scenes from the books only BETTER because there’s no awful prose and the characters are played FANTASTICALLY and just… squee!

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“In A Better World” (2001)

14 May

So, here is the thing about In a Better World.

1. The original Danish title was “The Revenge” and I swear whoever decided to change it to this needs to be introduced to like, the whole point of the film. The English title is so WTF and random once you actually watch it. I honestly don’t even have a clue what the translators were referring to.

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Game of Thrones, episode 1×02

5 May

All right this review will contain two parts. At first we’ll talk about the Epic Fail, and then we’ll talk about the bits I actually liked.

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Camelot (the other Arthurian show)

3 Apr

Let’s talk about Camelot, the new US TV show, so that I may not be the only one who suffers from knowledge of its existence.

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British TV: Outcasts

13 Feb

So, Outcasts. I have watched the pilot episode. British Scifi drama! Jamie Bamber who apparently can’t stay away from scifi dramas! An otherwise promising cast! I was… mostly underwhelmed.

So, the thing is, this show wants to be Stargate Atlantis: Not Written by Morons. Unfortunately the writers are still not good enough to carry off the scope of the kind of premise they’re working with. It’s hard writing a scifi opener! There’s the history of the universe, the technology, the current state of affairs, all the characters and everyone’s personal dramas AND an actual plot du jour usually AND the need to hint at further adventures. It is really hard! I know because when I wrote my little original scifi novella the HARDEST part was the beginning and sorting out the characterization from the plot from the worldbuilding without dropping any anvils or boring people or losing them completely. I am very sympathetic to the needs to scifi pilots, even though I do believe that you’re being paid to write for a scifi pilot you better know your shit better than I did when writing my novella. ANYWAY.

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“Infiltration” (2011)

6 Nov

So, verdict is in: if Infiltration comes across your path, definitely make sure to check it out. Very much worth watching. Here, have another trailer with subtitles this time:

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