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“A Dangerous Method”

14 Jul

So, I am not a big fan of David Cronenberg. In fact he is the the only director whose film I once reviewed by saying he should never be allowed to pick up a camera again and meant it wholeheartedly. If he was never allowed to make another film for as long as he lived I would be happy.

There are several reasons for this. I came into Cronenberg’s career relatively late, having skipped his straight up horror film phase (I don’t watch horror as a general rule, so I’d stayed away from those films though I’d heard of some of them). In his drama film phase, which is when I became aware of him, he’s made movies with the same overwhelming theme. He explores masculinity and violence, the nature-as-wild-and-violent and culture-as-forcing-us-to-repress-that-nature. His protagonists are always men, usually torn between acting “normal”, civilized, calm, collected, rational, even gentle at times (usually with women), and acting in their “true nature”, which the world around them invariably requires them to reveal, which is violent and brutal and often includes Viggo Mortensen’s naked ass. He’s fond of exploring the price of that duality – the price of indulging, due to lack of choice, in those base, violent instincts, and the price of repressing them and keeping up a “civilized” veneer the rest of the time.

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